Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chicken Sausage and Penne

Whenever we are strapped for time or tapped out on ideas we turn to our trusty selection of pasta. I like Barilla Plus or Ronzoni the best. Kind of like drinking calcium fortified OJ. Someone somewhere took a perfectly good food and said "No! Bad! That stuff is going to make you fat!" So I look for labelling that makes me feel better about ingesting so many, "Bad! Empty calories!" foods.

This is whole wheat penne. Not nearly so good as its fat empty caloried cousin enriched pasta, but cheaper than the above mentioned, magically high fiber, high protein pastas. And its healthy right? Well I don't know what to think anymore but this pasta dish was colorful, flavorful, and fun for a thrown together meal. Maybe Gabe can enlighten you to more detail. When he gets to mixing ingredients I try to stay out of his way. I can tell you there is a healthy dousing of extra virgin olive oil on it but that is a topic for another post. And on that thought I will drift away on dreams of aromatic, nutty, smooth..................

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