Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From the Husband

I guess it's time for me to post someothing since "our" blog has been Rose's blog since she started this little adventure! I am the aforementioned Gabe in previous posts that you may have read. I get asked quite a bit where I learned to cook and why I like it. No formal training and no cooking experience for pay. Only recently (and I mean within the last 6 years) did I really begin to blossom and explore the culinary craziness that is exploding in this country and abroad. Thinking back, I guess that whenever Mom was at the stove I was watching. I was always there in front of the TV to watch Martin Yan's Yan Can Cook on PBS. Around this 10 years ago, I started watching The Food Network. Always Emeril Live on the TV. It was easy to branch out from there. Flay, DiSpirito, Symon, Batali, Florence, Stone, De Laurentiis, Bourdain. Legends. My first cookbook was Flavor from Rocco DiSpirito. For me, I just watch and study. What techniques do they use? What is their "go to" ingredient? What do they do well? What can I learn from this chef? I love to watch chefs out of their element as well, like Bourdain. I watch him, I read his books. Funny to wit. Iron Chef America is a fantastic show to learn techniques, learn methods, wrap you head around what can be done with "X." So, when I can I will add what I can to the posts, add a few of my favorite dishes. Give you some beer reviews as I love craft beers. I will gladly post recipes where I can!


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