Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Eat Paczki

Pick up, stuff in mouth, filling hole facing toward you. Anything else could end in disaster. Disaster! I am not Catholic but I am part Polish, and even if I wasn't, I lived in Michigan long enough to develop a raging perennial craving for these unholy creations. I was forced to make these when I could find no bakeries in the greater Yuma area that made them. I am hoping Sierra Vista can come through for me. I had to make them overnight that year because I had a seven month old baby at the time and knew there was no way in Hades she would let me bake uninterrupted for a few hours. They were delicious. Obviously.

I used a modified version of the recipe on which you can find here:

Anyone know a good Polish bakery in town? Fat Tuesday is nearly here. There's not much time!


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