Monday, January 16, 2012

Daisy Mae's Steakhouse

Gabe had a steak, I got the ribs. Both entrees were excellent. Choice meat, perfectly cooked and seasoned very nicely. The ribs were Kansas City style and falling off the bone tender. I finished the whole bloomin' rack.

The ambiance and decor were just right, the place looked like it was outfitted in 1972 and is just falling apart, in a good way. I think I'd like to go back for drinks at the bar.

The sides however...well, skip the sides. Stick to the meat. The bread appeared to be from a second rate grocery store. The baked potato was forgettable. The salad was regrettable. A few sad ripped up iceberg leaves with some random bits of julienned carrot and some bulk stock ranch or Italian or (surprise!) Light Italian dressing in plastic cup.

Had the whole meal been as delectable as the meat I would have felt the 3 digit cost (for 3 adults plus beer) for the evening well worth it. As it was, I will probably make Gabe throw some tri tip on the grill next time I want something red.


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