Monday, January 23, 2012

Rosemary Pork Loin

I'm not sure what I can say about this pork loin. Gabe made this roast about a week before I gave birth to our son. It was an effort to induce labor. You know, one of those meals that is so rich and delicious the baby just *pops* out. He was sure this would do it. The rosemary herbed loin was marinated and cooked to perfection. He poured a fig reduction sauce all over it, served it on a bed of iceberg lettuce and then drizzled some 25 year balsamic vinaigrette on top (balsamic vinaigrette, also another post for another time, for now let me just leave it at: yeah baby).

But it didn't work.

Ladies. Gentlemen. When you are waiting for a baby to come let me tell you: eggplant parmigiana will not make the baby come. Pineapple will not make the baby come. Papaya fruit will not make the baby come. Raspberry leaf tea will not make the baby come. That thing at the restaurant down the street that promises to make the baby come, will not make the baby come. If you, or your wife is sitting at home with a belly full of baby wondering what to do to hasten relief from the unbearable discomfort, you could read a book, take a bath, take a walk, or hey, start a blog! You could even make yourself a rosemary herbed pork loin with fig reduction sauce. You might as well have something yummy to eat while you wait.


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