Monday, January 16, 2012

The German Cafe


We descended on the small German Cafe on a Wednesday morning not 30 seconds after they'd turned on their "Open" sign. By "descended" I mean me, Gabe, our two kidlets, my sister, her husband and three not so young any more youngsters all wandered in and demanded enough food to feed us all for a picnic in the mountains.

The food was good, reasonably priced, made from scratch, and tasty. The reuben surpassed the excellent sandwich I'd had at the High Desert Market Cafe the day before. The sausages were lovely and complex and the schnitzel was fought over until even the one remaining piece of bread, with nothing more to season it than the grease from the schnitzel, was gobbled up.

I have to admit that we were disappointed the potato salad wasn't actually warm, it was the one and only thing that didn't get finished to the last morsel. One lonely little bite of salad remained in our fridge for about 24 hours which is saying something when a 14 year old boy is around.

The prices aren't fast food cheap but the excellent quality of food and the delightful atmosphere (the staff were even speaking German in the back) made the slightly above average priced picnic lunch well worth the cost.


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