Monday, January 16, 2012

High Desert Market Cafe

Thank you for being open on a Tuesday! Seriously folks this area has the most random system for determining business hours. Is there a method? A system? A back room agreement?

We were showing our family around Bisbee and had intended to try Screaming Banshee Pizza (sorry guys maybe another time) and after walking our troupe up the hill (which hill? That other one, over there) found that it was yet another Bisbee business closed on Tuesdays (how about putting a little note about that on your page for us ignorant schmucks, Bisbee Chamber of Commerce? It was TUESDAY not Christmas). But as we approached the dark pizzeria we were saved from despair by the savory wafts of happiness emanating from the High Desert Market Cafe.

The Market is Bohemian chic with wares ranging from Dia de los Mertos skulls to dried Chorizo to (praise the LORD we found some!) anchovy paste. The food was delicious. The menu descriptions did not disappoint. I highly recommend the mushroom pizza if you are in any way predisposed to consuming fungus. SO GOOD! My sister seemed less then enthralled with the mozzarella and tampenade on focaccia but I tasted it and can assure you it was her problem, not theirs. The kidlets also picked every blessed button off those pizzas and we old fogies ate them with delight.

The smoothie bar next door was....interesting. The raw juice was quite raw, a bit heavy handed on the veggies for this pedestrian palette, but the smoothie was just right, perfectly refreshing even. And though the juice was a bit thick, and (gag) room temperature, I sucked that glass down like my life depended on it and darn it if I never did get the full force of that cold I'd been fighting.


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